How I Met My Pisces Boy

I wish i could say that it was something extra ordinary… Like a lightning bolt hit me while i was walking past a sea of people and as i was dizzily falling to the ground, he caught me in his arms; or perhaps it could be something out of an old John Cusack movie, where we both reached for the same pair of gloves in a Macy’s department store and was instantly attracted to each other. But whoever said that fireworks were a requirement for when you meet your soul mate? In my case, there wasn’t anything like that — i can best describe it as a strange kind of comfort and magnetic pull towards him. Out of a seemingly random and casual 10 second encounter, he left an impression on me which i didn’t realize till months later when i would see him again.

It was 2 years ago now since that first meeting and since then we grew to be close friends and strong work partners and well, for a few months now — incredible lovers between the sheets and if people saw how we truly are together and didn’t know about our circumstances, we would most likely be the couple of the year – happily in love, fun to be around, popular, successful and well-respected.

But alas, life isn’t simple or fair, now is it? “Why did i meet him now?” I keep asking myself, “Why now when we belong to other people and can’t possibly be together?”

And as horrible as that sounds to anyone reading this, it is unfortunately that kind of love story. A love story so beautiful only in secret, doomed to fail in tragedy, while hurting the people closest to us the most. ⌊αστέρι⌋


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