The Story That Never Gets Told

Chapter 3: The First

I was sitting on the bed inches away from him, playing with my phone nervously but swinging my legs like a 5 year old to seemingly appear completely relaxed. He was pacing around the room fixing his things and chatting me up about his boss. Should i order room service? Nah need it to keep it sexy. 

Should i turn on the TV and find a sports channel or a nice movie? Maybe not. He might think i’m uninterested or bored. 

Maybe turn up some music? Anddddd maybe… start swaying sexily while unzipping my top… i look over at him, pacing back and forth being as chatty as ever. 

I should walk over to him, grab his arm gently– lead him to a chair and sit him down… THEN TURN THE MUSIC UP. Flashes of Demi Moore’s Striptease come back to me. If i only had a booty that nice and a rack that perfect. What was that song she danced to? Rock song definitely.. ah Aero–

“SG! Did you hear what i said?” He lightly tapped my shoulder but i was so startled that i knock over my laptop bag. “Ugh i’m so clumsy! Sorry!” I reach down and pick up the papers, batteries and a mouse that tumbled out. I peer over at him and he was just looking at me with an uncertain but about to chuckle look. “Any other day, you would have helped me pick these up without a doubt.” I said, annoyed. 

“Well, i wasn’t sure if those were personal paperwork or something…” he muttered. I snorted playfully. 

“Okay, so i’m nervous. It’s my first time to do something like this.” He said, finally sitting down on a chair across from me. 

“It’s my first FWB experience too. I feel the same. We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to. We just have to relax and hang out.” I said with a mildly cheerful tone.

He smiles slyly and moves to sit beside me on the bed. “But since we’re here…” He leans over, his right hand moves up to touch my face. I tilt my head towards his as he closes in to kiss me. His lips gently touches mine and i kiss him back softly. The gentle kissing slowly escalates to a more passionate one. I touch his side and start to stroke a part of his waist. He pulls me towards him not breaking the kiss. He puts his arm my around my waist and hold me close as i wrap my arms around his neck. We make out passionately as our hands explored each other. When we finally break for air, i was straddling him, my top had already come undone, my breasts in full view. He gives me a once over and bites his lip. I chuckle aloud. He gives me a tight squeeze and nozzles my breasts. Licking and teasing my nipples as i stroke the back of his neck. He puts his hands on my butt and squeezes it playfully. I instinctively move closer so im right on top of his crotch. I grind on top of him a bit, teasing his crotch with my youknowwhat. I lean back as he slides his hands on my legs inching up higher and higher. His fingers reach my panties and finds its way inside. I moan and tilt his head up so i can kiss him. He plays with my clit while we make out. My hands desperately clutching his neck as he plays with me. I could feel myself starting to climax and my moans got louder and less far apart. I break from his kiss and grab his hand to stop. 

“What’s wrong? You don’t like it?” He asks still stroking me gently with his fingers. “You know i do.” I said teasingly. “Let’s take a shower.”

We ended the night laughing and cuddling. We talked about how awkward the past few days were, how good the sex was, how passionately we kissed… “It’s been awhile since i came 3 times in one night. That was something else.” He says to me, while lighting a cigarette. “I guess no one won.” I giggle. 

“I definitely won.” He says smugly. “You tapped out multiple times!” 

“I wasn’t tapping out, i was ….” i pause and continue inaudibly “cumming.”

“What? What? I didnt hear you!” He chuckles as lounges at me, pinning me down and kisses me again. 


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