Rants and Raves

An hour later..

This happens. 

Phone rings. 

PB: “Hi babe….Are you home?”

SG: “Hey.. Yeah..” 

PB: “I called to say … i’m sorry. I don’t want us to end the day fighting or knowing that i made you feel bad.”

SG: “Me too. I’m sorry too.”

PB: “I miss you babe.”

SG: “I miss you too.”

PB: “Can i see you tomorrow?”

SG: “Yes. Of course you can”

PB: “Okay. I miss you. I love you.”

SG: “I love you babe. I’m sorry.”

PB: “Me too, I’m sorry. Good night.”

SG: “Good night.”

Ends call. 

I cry harder. 


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