Rants and Raves

Good days

The only good thing about fighting with your boyfriend is making up after. When he starts off with, “Someone stole my babe from me and i want her back. Can i have my girlfriend back please? I miss her.” My heart just melted, all doubts fade away. Aah, love is so damn bittersweet but i guess that’s what makes us live through all the bad days and that’s also why it’s so painful when we fight. I’m just grateful that we have more good days than bad ones. I should remember that…

Today we were back to a world where only him and I exist and it more than makes up for the last few days of me crying. We are no good apart – I’ve always known that. The more time we spend together the better we are. But I do need to learn to be okay when he’s not around because obviously it’s inevitable. I need to be less dependent on him and keep my dark scorpio thoughts away. 

All in all, i’m just happy today. Happy that we had fun together even if it was only a couple of hours. Happy that i caught him smiling at me when he thought i wasn’t looking. Happy that i made him laugh. Happy that he remembered a not so important fact about one of my best friends that i told him eons ago. Happy that he noticed i got a haircut. Happy that he got a little jealous that another guy checked me out while i was buying ice cream. Happy that we kissed so much i can still feel his lips on mine. Happy he loves me too. 

Starlight, starbright. 

First star i see tonight.

I wish i may i wish i might. 

Have this wish i wish tonight. 

That we live in this bubble for a little while…



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