The Story That Never Gets Told

Chapter 4: A Dress, A Table and A Confession

“I can’t tell you how many times that pink dress made me lose my focus. I kept checking you out i’m pretty sure everyone noticed.”

I laugh from across the room while i kick off my heels. “Well, it’s not my fault that you’re a big perv!” I turn my back on him and look at myself in the mirror. “I was just innocently talking through the presentation today.” I bite my lips to hide my smile. He steathily grabs me from behind and cups my breasts while saying,  “Innocent?! Ha!” I let out a girlish squeal as i try to wiggle myself away. He chuckles and locks my arms with his. “No fair!” I scream helplessly. “So you weren’t trying to be sexy for me?” He says in his ‘scary’ voice. “No!” I reply stubbornly. He lets go of my arms but quickly wraps his arms around my waist and carries me towards the small table at the corner of the room. “Okay, okay! Stop!” I scream and giggle at the same time. He drops me in front of the table and i rest my hands on top of it, slightly panting. Damn. He practically carried me with just one arm! I turn to my side to look back at him. He was only a few inches behind me, his back to the wall, taking off his watch. He looks at me with those piercing black eyes and gives me an evil grin. I turn towards him and teasingly say, “Ask me again.”

He steps closer to me, tucks my hair behind my ear, comes even closer and whispers, “Was that dress for me?” The hair on the back of my neck tingled under his breath and sent shivers down my spine. I turn around, tugged at his belt and stared up at him, “Yes, the dress is for you….” I fiddle with his buckle until it comes undone. “…And so is everything underneath.” He kisses me full on the mouth, my tongue instantly finding his. His right hand starts running up my skirt, i slap them away. I unzip his pants and started rubbing his growing buldge. As he gets harder i reach inside and stroke him. He lets out a sexy grunt and steadies himself with the table. After a few more strokes, I push him back towards the nearest wall, pulled down his black trunks as i went down on my knees. I took his manhood in my mouth eagerly, loving the taste of him. He started moaning and reached out to run his fingers through my hair, stopping at the back of my head – guiding me as i took him in again and again and again. He helps me up and kisses me hard on the mouth. He breaks the kiss and lifts up my skirt, i take a step back until my butt cheeks were touching the side of the table. He reaches inside my panties and plays with me, i was warm and ready. He turns me around and pushes me down on the table top. He pulls down my panties and inserts two fingers inside me. I moan with pleasure. I ache for him so desperately. Damn. He continued to play with me and i could feel my body quiver with every touch. My body was going haywire and a few moments after i finally let myself go. I kiss him passionately and whisper, “I want you. Fuck me please.”

We both groaned with pleasure as he pushed inside me. He lets out an almost angry “Fuck.” as he did. I held on to the sides of the table for dear life as he went in and out of me. My mind was starting to go blank as he continued thrusting, going deeper and harder. I turn sideways holding his side to urge him on. He groped my breasts and pulled me in closer as we started to climax. I scream loudly, my insides filling up with pleasure, savoring the feeling of his hard and throbbing flesh consuming me. He continues to ravage me, his hands exploring all the right places. I can feel him at his peak and so was i (again), finally, we both scream in pleasure as we both release generously. I gasp for air as he finishes and pulls out gently. He helps me up and gives me a sweet kiss on the lips. I  playfully bite his bottom lip and say, “Hot and dirty.” He laughs and gives me a peck on the cheek. “One for the books…  and you need a towel.”

He stumbles clumsily to get the towel from the bed as I stagger to a nearby chair, my knees buckling. He helps wipe me off and says, “That was … incredible.” I nodded in agreement then with a big smile I said, “You’ve done well, dress. You’ve done well.” We both laugh. 

About 2 hours later, we were cuddling on the bed – watching an old movie. “I think i ate too much.” I said in disgust, rubbing my tummy. “You ate like a normal human being and thats good to see. Your one meal a day diet will kill you.” He said, shaking his head. “I eat! … When there’s time.” I reply. “No. You only eat when you’re with me because i make you. We should add that to our rules – rule 4: FWBs should stay alive.” He said, annoyed. “Ha ha ha. And by the way, we already have a rule 4. You probably already broke a rule and that’s why you don’t remember how many we have.” I retort. “I know which rule you broke… rule number 1.” he says, intentionally avoiding eye contact. “WHAT?! I am NOT in love with you!” I answer defensively, “What the hell makes you think that i am????” He turns to look at me and says, “Look at us. Does this feel casual to you? We rented a really nice apartment for tonight, we had incredible sex before the first hour was up, we ordered up some dinner and i went out to buy the dessert you wanted, took showers, brushed our teeth, you’re in a nightie hoping for another go (he winks at me) and now we are watching a movie comfortably cuddled up and i’m so relaxed i’m about to fall asleep.” Oh Fuck. I’m so not ready for this talk!  I clear my throat, “So what are you saying? I was the one who looked for this place, asked you to buy dessert and whatever else. Are you saying this is all me? That this all means i’m in lo- i have feelings for you?” I said exasperated. Shit. Shit. Shit. Calm down, calm down. “SG, don’t get me wrong – i’m not complaining. I just noticed that you have been much sweeter, much more caring, much more thoughtful than when we were just friends. Am i wrong?” He said with a slight chuckle. I look away. Well, whatever. Might as well have the ‘talk’ but he better confess too. This is not all me! “Okay. So maybe a little. And maybe, i think about you a lot more than i should. And sometimes i miss you and worry about you and wonder where you are. BUT!! When i think about you, you’re still always butt naked so — i think i’m fine. But if you’re uncomfortable with that, then we should probably take a break. It’s probably because we see each other too much and now this has become part of our weekly routine.” Silence. Deafening silence. Ugh. “So do you want to take a break? I don’t mind. Or maybe we should end this? It’s part of the rules so i’m okay doing that.” I said in my best matter of fact voice. He looks at me like he’s talking to a child,”I have 10 dates. This is our 5th. I still want my last 5.” I sit up on the bed and cross my arms. “You did not answer the question!”

He pulls me in an embrace and sighs, “SG, I don’t do things i don’t want to do. If i’m watching TV with you, then it’s because i feel like it….i’m here because i want to be.  I guess i just don’t want to say anything because i don’t want to encourage it.” Unsatisfied, i continued to pry, “So… you do think you kinda like-like me?” He sighs and rolls me over to my side hugging my back. “Like i said, i didn’t want to say anything. BUT since you just WON’T STOP ASKING…. Truth is—-” he pauses. “There are more and more times that I think about you. I miss talking to you when you’re not around and find myself wanting to hear your voice. I start to look forward to our Fridays together and lately i can’t wait to go to work…” That has to be the sweetest thing he’s ever said to me…. my heart was going off the wall. I wanted to turn around and kiss him but decided against it and just said, “So, i guess we both broke THE rule. Should we stop?” Please say no. Please say no. “Do you want to stop?” He asked. “No…..” i replied. “Then we shouldn’t. At least till our 10th date….Unless we renew the contract.” I laughed, “Do you want to renew already?” I teased. “Let’s decide when we get there, shall we?” He replies. I turn around and kiss him. “Fair enough. Deal.” I turn my back to him again, he hugs me and i smile to myself. I’m fine like this. Just like this. This should be enough. 

As i start to fall asleep in his arms, he mutters, “Oh and by the way, Chris knows about us. I told him after our first date.” I grab the nearest pillow and started hitting him with it.


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