The Story That Never Gets Told

Chapter 5: Striptease

There are only two words to describe the next two weeks – COMPLETE BLISS. Somehow, somewhere we took a turn. When that was i don’t even know but it felt different – the good kind of different. We’d call each other everyday, send chat messages everyday, when he left to go out of town for work, he emailed, called, texted from the moment he got out of his house, on his way to the airport, when he got there, when he woke up, when he was on a break at work and before he slept. And as much as i tried to control it or stop it, i fell for him. Madly, completely and hopelessly.

“I feel free.” He said in one of our long conversations over the phone when he was out of town. “It feels good not have to delete any of your messages or call logs. I wake up knowing i can read them again, knowing i can call you whenever i wanted, i maybe far away –” i cut him off. “But it feels like we’re much closer than ever before.” I finish the sentence for him. “Yeah. Exactly.” He replies. Stop being sweet to me.. i’m already in love with you. “Did you listen to the mixtape?” I asked excitedly. “Yes! I was listening to it on the plane. So it’s every number 1 song every year on my birthday right?” He asked curiously. “Yup. Since the day you were born. You got really good ones actually! Like ‘Every Breath You Take’and ‘Sarah’..” i said excitedly. “You’re so sweet. No one has researched for me like that before, just to make me a playlist. Thank you.” He replied sincerely. “I just wanted you to have something to listen to during your flight. Something to keep you calm.” Something to show you how much i care.

“So thoughtful. Oh by the way, i read your email last night. You called me ‘Babe.'” I laugh non-chalantly. “I did call you that…. ” Question is.. will you say it back? “Is that … weird? You don’t like it?” I asked. “I liked it… babe. I like it better than ‘squishy’.” I giggle, remembering why i gave him that nickname. “But you are squishy!” I blurted out. “You’re squishy-er. A lot squishy-er than i’ll ever be…So let’s go with babe instead. Okay… babe?” He said teasingly. Whatever i did to deserve this.. oh my god. I’d do it 15 million more times. I swear. “Okay, babe….” i replied sweerly and continued, “I have a surprise when you get back. Let’s scratch out one thing from your bucket list.”

He looks at me with doe eyes and says, “Oohh interesting! Why are you teasing me, babe?” Because i’ve fallen for you and i’d do anything to make you smile – Is what i want to say but instead i answer him with a shrug, “Because i can.”


I peered at him over my shoulder. Good, he’s completely focused with work. “No. that’s not what we need to do. The client specifically requested for the configuration of the circuit to be..” i heard him say while on his mobile. I walk over to my bag and took out the speakers i brought and set it up carefully on the table across the bed. I grab my make up kit and my outfit and locked myself in the bathroom. I can do this! I’ve practiced enough. I just have to remember all the moves and channel the me from high school. “Should be as easy as pie.” I say to myself. I take a few more deep breaths. “Oh fuck. Who am i kidding!” I groan loudly, panic striken. “A shower. Yes. A shower should do me good.” I finish a couple of minutes later, refreshed and a little more confident. I put on my make up and changed into an incredibly short and sexy black dress. Where are my heels?? Oh damn it! I open the door slightly.

“… should not be a problem if we followed the solution that was recommended AND approved by all the SVPs. How long will it take to get us back to plan?” I stole a quick glance from the bathroom and saw him pacing back and forth across the apartment we rented for the day. Still completely distracted. I walk out of the bathroom while his back was turned. I walk over to my bag, grabbed my heels and bent over to place them neatly under the table. I feel a pinch from my backside and i jump around startled. He was behind me smiling naughtily and mouthing the words “Sexy sexy.” I laugh soundlessly but move his hand away forcefully. He acts out a pout while saying, “Hey. You know what, i’ll set up a call with the other service lines Monday morning.” I sprint to the bathroom.

“Babe?” He knocks on the door. “I’ll be right out babe. Hold on a minute.” I check myself in the mirror and started counting to 50. “Is there any reason why you are dressed in a naughty black dress, have full make up on and brought an extra pair of heels?” He calls out from the other side of the door. I opened the door indignantly, “You were supposed to be distracted!” I cried out. “I was. By you.” He smiled naughtily and leaned over to give me a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him back lovingly. Then pushed him away suddenly. “Okay we need to stop. You are ruining my surprise!  Get back over there!” I shout pointing to the living room. He laughs and reaches out to embrace me. I grab his arm and drag him to the couch and sat him down. “There. Follow my rules or i stop. No touching. No moving from the couch. And you cannot laugh.” I said seriously. “Yes ma’am!” He replies giving me a salute.

I glare at him, walk back over to the other side of thr room. I look over at him. He was lighting a cigarette and sat comfortably back in the couch. “I’m ready, babe! I’ll follow the rules.” He said with anticipation. I take a deep breath. “I’ve never done this for anyone before. You’re my first. So please be good to me.” I said pleadingly. He flashes me a big smile and says, “Babe, i’ll love every single minute of it.” He says reassuringly and leans back down on the couch. I open my Spotify and queue the song. I take my place in the middle of the room as the intro plays. I start to move slowly to the beat as the first stanza plays, remembering the moves i practiced. His smile fades into a grin as i sway sexily, running my hands over my breasts and slowly going down to my hips. I start untying the black cotton belt around my waist, and turning sideways with the beat. I bite my lip and run my fingers through my hair as i feel myself getting into it. His face turns serious, his eyes fiercely locked on me. I start to undress as the chorus plays. I remove the dress exposing the tight and extremely short nightie inside, half of my panties showing. I turn around and grind to the music. I look back at him with a fiery glare. He smirks, his hand undoing on his belt buckle. I chuckle and stop. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Don’t be so serious!!” I yell out. “Babe, focus…” He replies while he unzipped his pants and slides his hands in his trousers. I get back into character, picking up where i left off but this time i gently pulled down my nightie’s left shoulder strap. As i danced along with the music, i started fondling my breasts, closing my eyes imagining he was touching me. I kept my eyes closed as i pulled down the right strap of my nightie, exposing my breasts completely. I cup them with my hands and sway with the music. I open my eyes and kick off my heels and walked slowly towards him. He pulled his manhood from his trousers, stroking himself, a look of fierce anticipation in his eyes. I give him a sly smile as i stopped  right in front of him and let my nightie fall to floor exposing my sexy black lace panties. I moved my hips from side to side sensously. I run my fingers along the garter of my panties and bent down so can get a full view of my butt. I drop and grind with the tempo then turned to climb on top of him. His left hand moved down and gripped the end of couch while his left hand was busy stroking. I grind on top of him,  making sure his lips was just inches away from my nipples.  I run my hands through his hair and tease him as i pressed my breasts close to his mouth. I push him back softly as he licked his lips. I hold his face up to mine and leaned in close for a kiss. I grab his wrists while i leaned back, doing slow body waves. I sit up and right then – the bone from my back made a “clack” sound. I stopped, completely embarassed that i laugh hysterically. “Oh my God, you heard that right?! What the .. !!?” I continue to laugh but he doesn’t. He was dead serious. “Babeeee!” I yell out. “Maybe i should–” He cuts me off with a “Shhh.” He yanks me towards him and kisses me forcefully. I instantly felt how much he wanted me and i vmelt in his kiss. He grabs my butt and lifts me up. I lock my legs a little above his waist. He put an arm around my back and carries me to the bed. He drops me and stares down at me as he undresses completely. I cover my face with my hands and say “Baby, i’m sorry i was so awful.” He moves my hands away as he climbs on top of me and looks straight into my eyes. “Babe, that was so sexy… I wasn’t sure i could hold out any longer.” He grabs my panties and relieves me of it. He bends down to kiss me passionately and i respond graciously, wrapping my arms around his neck. I break the kiss. “But i.. oh my god i was terrible, wasn’t i?” He clicks his tongue at me and pins down my arms above my head. “Quiet.” He kisses me again from my outh to my breasts, his tongue playing with my nipples. He spreads my legs wider. damn.  Finally, he kneels between my kegs and holds up my torso a bit as he enters me. I cover my mouth to muffle my delight. Oh my God.  He felt so good inside me. He plunged hard and deep. Grunting and moaning as he entered me repeatedly. He folded my left leg and pinned it with his right arm. He shoved himself in me, slower but deeper. I grab his butt as he pushes in and out of me. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. Fuck. I loved how he felt inside, every inch of me screaming. “Don’t ever stop fucking me please.” I mutter aloud. He kisses me as he thrusted harder and faster and screaming as i let myself go. My body heaved with pleasure as he continued to ravage me. Consumed with lust and passion, I accepted all of him. I found his right nipple and let my tongue enthusiastically explore it. He groaned with pleasure as i felt.him angrily throbbing inside me. I started to peak again as i felt him climax, we both moaned loudly as we released together.

He kisses my forehead and plops down beside me, breathing heavily. I put a pillow under his head and puts my hand in his. We both lay there, catching our breath, consumed by our own thoughts. When i was finally able to breathe normally, i snuggled up to him and rested my head on his shoulder. He tugs on the blanket under us and covers us with it. I close my eyes as he wraps his arms around me. I felt his hand softly caressing my arm as i drifted off to sleep.


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